Friday, October 1, 2010

While the kids are away...

Kate gets to play!!

I am having the best couple of days just trying out new things. My fingers are all inky, I'm covered in glitter and stick on pearls but boy am I happy!

The best news is that now I'll have lots of fab cards to share with you over the coming days when the kids are home and I probably won't get a lot of chances to craft.

So.. this is what he does with his free time:

And this is what I do:

I cased this card from Cindy Beach -she's a bit clever =) I just changed up a few details like the flower placement, ribbon colour, patterned paper and I added jewels to my flower centres.

Hopefully Dave will wake up in time to take me out for dinner,this will be our third night running, MAN it's great not having to cook.

Have a happy weekend!

xx Kate


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous post, Katie - pin-up boys, gorgeous cards - what more do girls want? :-)
Love your card - you're clever too! Didn't take you long to get that set inky, did it?

Anonymous said...

Kate, you're blowing me away with your beautiful cards! However, I've been sleeping away the holidays (I'm with Dave on that one)rather than crafting. I am inspired by you and Bron, so will try and shake those mid-afternoon naps and be more productive. Steph

Patrice said...

Lovely card, hope you enjoyed your time without the kids :o)